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HOT Summer Specials!

Everyone has their own personal 'body goals' like having 6-pack abs, super lean legs, or sculpted arms and back ... Reach your goals by focusing on what you want to see with one (or more) of the following programs, each only $30:
- Build a Better Booty- Maybe you lost weigh and your booty went along with it, or you just never had a butt to begin with- I've got your fix! Adding lean muscle to your backside is a science, and I have spent almost a year perfecting this program aimed to adding size to your glutes, lifting and tightening, while sculpting your legs. This program includes a complete training program with specific cardio training, weight training, stretching and conditioning programs to burn fat and build muscle. The workouts get progressively more difficult over time, giving you 6 months worth of programing to help you reach and maintain your goals!
-Sexy Summer Abs- Whether you want a visible 6-pack or you just want to slim down your midsection and get rid of that muffin-top, my core training program is just for you! This program includes specific weight training and cardio training exercises and schedule to help you shed belly fat. A lethal combination of different training methods is the secret to a sexy midsection, as well as nutrition tips to help you eat for success! Use this program to reach your goals, and continue specific exercises to maintain the body you build!
-Tank Top Arms and Back- Feeling confident in a tank top or sleeveless outfit can be tough if you've got 'bat wings' flapping' in the breeze! This program will burn fat and sculpt your upper body to help you look great and feel confident in anything you wear this summer! See definition and shape in your arms, shoulders and back for a beautiful silhouette, not to mention a serious increase in STRENGTH! Protect yourself from neck and back strains and shoulder instability with this combination of weight lifting and body weight exercises for serious results!
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Above is a photo of my BOOTY GAINS over the last 6 months using my Build a Better Booty Program. On the right is OCT 2014, 111lbs, 17% body fat and glute measurement = 34 inches. On the right is the beginning of MAY 2015, 125lbs, STILL 17% body fat and glute = 38 inches. Measurements don't lie, folks! I have some 'before and after' photos for my other programs as well, just ask!
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Popular Diets- Decoded

There are so many buzz words out there to describe eating habits- different diet trends, fads and medical breakthroughs leave most people confused and frustrated. Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Clean Eating, and Flexible Dieting (“If it fits your macros”/IIFYM) … but what does it all mean? And how do you know what diet is best for you? I am going to summarize some of the most popular diets to give you the information you need to make an educated decision. You must choose your eating habits according to your health and fitness goals. Some people may have dietary restrictions due to medical conditions, others in order to achieve a certain physique- either way, your DIET is what will initiate a change in your body. Take a moment to learn about your options, and feel free to contact me for a complementary fitness consultation, and I can help you choose what is best for you J

Atkins Diet- This diet is known as a low-carbohydrate diet; intake is usually between 20-50g/day. When an individual limits their carbohydrate and sugar intake, it causes the body to tap into the stored fat the individual is carrying as an energy source. This diet helps an individual keep their blood glucose (sugar) levels even throughout the day- assisting in allowing the body to lose FAT as well as reduce cravings for sugar. This diet is great for individuals who are fairly sedentary, as carbs = energy. If you sit at a desk in front of a computer 8 hours a day, you obviously don’t need as much energy available as someone who does manual labor all day.  Also, individuals who are diabetic, or pre-diabetic can benefit from a low sugar/carb diet to control their condition.  Click this link to learn more about the science behind the Atkins Diet

Paleo Diet- This diet is known as the “Caveman Diet”, focusing on foods that our pre-historic, hunter-gatherer ancestors would have survived off of.  This diet includes fresh meats (preferably grass fed/organic), fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats such as oils and nuts. This diet limits dairy, processed grains, and refined sugar- since these items were obviously not available 2.6 million years ago. The Paleo diet has been proven to assist those suffering from many medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.  Click this link to learn more about the science behind the Paleo Diet

Gluten Free Diet- Gluten is a protein found in wheat and grain that is the sticky substance that holds those types of foods together, like pasta and bread. Gluten has the ability to cause inflammation in the digestive tract, causing poor nutritional absorption, increased belly fat, and higher risk for diabetes and even some types of cancer. A Gluten Free diet avoids wheat-based products and opts for carbohydrate sources that are made from corn, flax and other acceptable grains. This diet is intended for those with Crohns Disease, IBS and Celiac Disease, where individuals are prone to damaging inflammation.  Click this link to learn more about the science behind eating a Gluten Free Diet

Vegetarian- A vegetarian diet consists of foods such as grains, beans, fruits, vegetables and dairy products- avoiding meat. This plant-based diet can be very beneficial for some, if they are able to keep their diet balanced with proper ratios of carbs, fat and protein. Many vegetarians choose this as a lifestyle, not just a ‘diet’, others eat a vegetarian diet because of an inability to process proteins properly, making meat difficult to digest. Click this link to learn more about the science behind eating a Vegetarian diet

Vegan- Veganism is one of many sub-types of vegetarianism that excludes any type of animal product such as meat, dairy and eggs. This diet consists primarily of legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables, non-dairy milk, tofu, and any “Vegan” marketed product.

Clean Eating- A “Clean” diet consists of choosing the healthiest options from each food group, embracing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and healthy fats. Most individuals on this type of diet shun any type of processed foods or refined sugars. This diet is most common among athletes and fitness competitors for its balanced approach to receiving the best nutritional content in their diet for optimum performance. This diet is very beneficial for those just beginning a new fitness routine, as it delivers nutrients without all the ‘extras’ – helping some break their junk food or sugar addictions, and focusing on portion control.  Click this link to learn more about the science behind Clean Eating

Flexible Dieting- Flexible dieting is not a ‘diet’, it is a nutritional concept based off of an individual’s daily caloric and macronutrient needs. This eating habit is most acceptable for those who have a FULL understanding of how nutrients affects the body, and manipulating ones’ macronutrient ratios to attain or maintain a desired physique. Flexible Dieters must like math, because it is necessary to keep track of ones’ macro ratios and pay close attention to nutritional information and portion sizes. The theory behind Flexible Dieting, or commonly referred to IIFYM (if it fits your macros), is eating what you want, when you want to, as long as it fits the macro ratios you have set for that day. I am a flexible dieter myself, and for the most part I eat clean, but if I can calorically afford some pizza and still reach my goals, you better believe I’m gonna have some pizza. It’s about having the will power to follow a plan to reach your fitness goals and know when it’s OK to ‘cheat’.  **Be sure you know what you are doing and understand the effect of nutrients on the body before you attempt to diet in this manner.

Carb Cycling- Carb cycling is a diet program that alternates the amount of carbohydrates on eats on a daily bases. This program is best for athletes and physique competitors because it offers the carbohydrates one needs to have the energy to accomplish difficult workouts, but allows for a low in carbohydrates that allows for maintaining low body fat. Like Flexible Dieting, this method of dieting is more advanced, as your diet changes DAILY and you must pay attention to the pattern in which you are following and is much more structured. There is less room for error is one is carb cycling for a certain effect like lean muscle gain and simultaneous fat loss. “Cheat” meals must be planned, and your exercise schedule has to be EXACT to succeed with carb cycling.

Ketogenic Diet- The Ketogenic Diet is based off of the metabolic process called Ketosis- the ability of your body to used stored fat as fuel for energy rather than glucose (sugar). Similar to the Atkins Diet, Keto Diets are low in carbohydrates, but differ because of the amount of fat and protein involved. Although this diet has been beneficial for individuals with specific medical conditions, it has many contraindications and possible dangers if not done properly. Click this link to learn more about the science behind Ketogenic Diets

High Protein- A High Protein diet can be beneficial for SOME individuals for a SHORT period of time. Studies show that high amounts of protein often come with high amounts of fats and/or cholesterol, which can be harmful.  Some Body Building Athletes might follow a high protein diet for a short period of time to encourage new muscle growth- but will often cycle back to their ‘maintenance diet’ soon after to avoid gaining fat and consuming unnecessary cholesterol. Your individual protein intake must be balanced according to a few factors and it is important to not over-consume protein- it is not “more is better”.

Glycemic Diet- Or Glycemic Index Diet is based off of the Glycemic Index- outlining the carbohydrate/sugar content of foods from low to high, and aiming to eat only foods on the ‘low’ end of the index. This form of dieting is very beneficial for those with diabetes, pre-diabetic and with history of heart disease. This diet is not necessarily designed for weight loss or weight management, but is a form of dieting that is preventative and precautionary for those with medical conditions involving blood glucose. I incorporate low-glycemic carbs in my own meal plan as well as my clients to defer blood sugar spikes that often lead to cravings. Click this link to learn more about the science behind Glycemic Diets

Other popular diets include the Mediterranean Diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem…. These are all sub-groups of Clean-Eating, just set up with specific calorie intake and portion control for the specific goal of weight loss and weight control.

I hope that these simple explanations has helped decode some of the popular diets out there, and help you learn about what might be best for you. Again, if you have questions about nutrition or how to approach dieting to reach your goals, you can reach me via email at

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sleep for Success

As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, I really dive deep into my clients daily life to find ways for them to be successful at achieving their goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, or athletic conditioning. Every part of your daily life has an impact on reaching your goals- your activity and diet are the most common variables we think about when talking about "getting in shape". The most commonly overlooked, yet most important variable for not only weight loss, but general health is SLEEP.

I have had multiple clients struggle with this task, blocking them from losing weight and eventually causing a plateau. Why? Because if your body doesn't have the adequate time to get quality rest, it cannot rebuild and repair itself. Experts say that two-thirds of Americans don't get enough sleep. Are you one of them?

What happens to your body when you don't sleep enough:
-Lack of proper rest inhibits the frontal lobe of your brain. When you fail to get enough sleep, this part of your brain has trouble with decision-making and impulse control. So, if you are working your ass off to lose weight, why subject yourself to the increased probability that your brain will convince you to skip a workout and grab some take-out for dinner, because you are too tired to cook.

-When you have failed to get enough sleep for a few days in a row, it starts having a heavier effect on your brain- your 'reward-centers' start looking for ways to gain pleasure- leading to late-night snacking and inability to demonstrate portion control. Studies have shown that individuals who fail to get enough sleep on a regular basis not only participate in more 'snacking', but choose foods high in carbohydrates like chips or cookies, obviously stunting ones' weight loss.

-A lack of sleep also affects our hormones, the chemical messengers that are regulated by your body, sent out to communicate with everything else to keep your body in a state of homeostasis. These little guys are very touchy, especially when it comes to adequate rest. The two that are most affected are ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is the hormone that tells your brain that you are hungry, and it's time to eat- these levels rise when you are low on rest. Leptin does the opposite- telling your brain that you are full- these levels plummet when you are tired. Do you see what's going on here? A lack of sleep is teaching your body to sabotage itself!

-When your hormone levels as well as blood sugar levels cannot stay in a balanced state, your body will hold onto excess body fat thanks to another hormone, cortisol. This is a stress hormone that your body triggers when it is under any type of stress- including lack of proper sleep.

Why you should aim to get more sleep:
-Research suggests that people who get at least 7 hours of sleep per night lose 55% more weight than individuals who fail to sleep enough.

-Late night snacking can increase likelihood of heartburn and other gastrointestinal discomforts, which will cause you to lose MORE sleep, continuing the cycle. Stop snacking, start sleeping!

HOW can I get more quality sleep?:
Creating a sleep schedule and routine helps in getting our body ready to relax and quiet your mind to get the best possible sleep. Here are some tips:

-STOP using your cell phone, lap top or television 1 hour before bed. The brightness of the screen convinces your brain that it is still day time and shuts off the production of melatonin in your brain, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Read a book (from a REAL book, not a tablet) instead.

-Find things that relax you- and do it! I like to spend some time before bed foam rolling and stretching my whole body. This helps me relieve physical stress from my body before bed. I dim the lights, light up a candle and put on some quiet music- I try to make it like the treatment rooms at a fancy spa- instant relaxation! By the time I am done, I am feeling lose, relaxed and ready for bed!

-Stick to a schedule. If you know you have to wake up at 6am every day, do the math... what time do you have to be ASLEEP by to get 8 hours? Start your bed-time routine an hour or so before that. Having a "bed time" isn't just for kids, it's for smart people, too ;)

-Save your bedroom for 2 things- sleep and sex. Seriously. If you spend all your spare time in your bedroom, lounging around, your telling your mind and body that this is NOT a relaxation zone. You have to physically separate the spaces in which you spend time in leisure from your bedroom.

-Cut the caffeine- I don't care who you are- the avid coffee drinker or someone who completely avoids- caffeine stays in your body, keeping you awake and alert for 5-6 hours post consumption. Cut off ANY caffeine before 3 pm to allow yourself time to unwind, relax, and experience what it feels like to be tired- you will sleep much more sound!

If you feel like you are hitting a wall with your physique- either gaining weight, failing to lose when you try, or you just don't feel 'right' - odds are that your sleep pattern is to blame. Pay careful attention to the time you spend before bed to create a successful resting environment and work towards finding solutions to your specific challenges. YOU are the only person who is control of your life- what you eat, where you go, what you do, and HOW MUCH YOU SLEEP. Take control of this aspect of your life, and you will be surprised how everything else falls into place :)

If you need further help creating a proficient bed-time routine, or would like more info on how I can help you create a healthier, happier lifestyle, feel free to email me at

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EXLR8 Personal Fitness Training Programs

Contact me today if it is time for a change in your lifestyle, you want to increase your existing fitness level, or you are a competitive athlete. I offer a wide range of training options for all ages, fitness levels, budgets and goals.
Fitness Coaching Programs
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Customized Workout Guide       $50 *one time
Personalized exercise guide including weight training, cardio training, stability and flexibility enhancing workouts that you can mix and match to create a plan that fits your needs.
Customized Nutrition Assistance             $70 *one time                   $20 renew
If you know your way around the gym, but struggle with getting your nutrition on point to reach your goals, you are in need of some nutrition assistance! I will work with you to create a menu full of foods you enjoy and help you plan and prep your meals for success!
If you are interested in any of these programs, or would like more information about my Sport-Specific Athletic Enhancement Programs, please email me at I offer a complete fitness assessment as part of my complementary consultation, so curiosity is welcome and you are not obligated to purchase ;) Let me show you what I can do to help you reach your health and fitness goals, once and for all!

Week 1 without Soda.. 3 Pounds of Sugar cont.

Well, It's been 1 week since Matt gave up soda cold turkey. To read the original post about his ridiculous soda addiction, click this link

For those of you who know what's up, Matt was VERY successful in his goal to give up soda for good. The first few days were a little shaky, his energy levels were lower than usual and he had minor headaches in the afternoon from the lack of caffeine and sugar- nothing a cup of coffee couldn't solve. He noticed that after the first few days, he didn't feel as if he was craving soda, so we put his will power to the test. We went out to dinner on Thursday night, and I was 50% sure he was going to break down, but to my surprise, when I ordered my "water with lemon", he responded "make that two". **So proud** Here's the physiological results of his breaking this habit:

Initial Data from 4/26 (day before the detox):
Body Weight: 165.4lbs                   Body Fat %: 8%           Resting HR: 73BPM
Right Bicep: 13.5in                         Chest: 36.5in                Waist: 32.5in
Hip: 34.25in                                    Right Quad: 19in          Right Calf: 13.25in

Data from 5/2, one week later:
Body Weight: 163.4lbs (2 lbs lost) Body Fat %: measured monthly          Resting HR: 63BPM
Right Bicep: 13.5in                         Chest: 36.5in                Waist: 32in (-.5)
Hip: 34in (-.25)                               Right Quad: 18in (-1)    Right Calf: 13.25in

I knew that he would lose at least 2 lbs, so no surprise there. He lost a few inches as well, but he has also found that he has a bigger appetite since quitting soda- surprise, surprise, because he's not drinking his calories!! What I found interesting was the change in his resting heart rate. It was measured both times at the same time of day, after resting for over 30 minutes- his heart rate one week after giving up caffeine and sugar was a whole 10 beats per minute slower! Just goes to show that all that stuff DOES get you all hopped up on the crazy! No wonder so many people I know are insomniacs! Ok, so I will let you know how the next week goes, we have decided to add some more cardio to our training routine- if he's going to be leaning out, I better start cutting, too. Boo.

Any questions? Fire away!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Cherry on Top

No, I'm not talking about Ice Cream Sundays here (sorry). I'm talking about the 'Cherry" on top of your workouts- the importance of 'finishing' exercises.

A 'finisher' is a specific exercise used at the end of a workout to push that specific muscle past its working volume. Simply put, when you think you can't do one more, you do it anyways. Here's an example: at the end of my glute-specific workout, when I feel my butt-cheeks physically trembling and I am uncertain if walking out of the gym is even an option, here comes the FINISHER:

5 sets of 10 reps each, each leg: (I use 2.5 lb ankle weights) Performed slowly for maximum burn ;)
- Triple Extension (aka Donkey Kick)
- Fire Hydrant
- Rainbow Kicks
(video on my IG/FB)

I have also posted my shoulder finisher on my social media pages :)

Doing this circuit at the end of a heavy lifting workout will push the muscle to completely fatigue. The reason we do finishers is to encourage hypertrophy, which leads to muscle growth. Hypertrophy is described as an enlarging of the muscle fiber (or cell) due to physical stress. Think about your ankle swelling up after twisting it- your bodies response to damage is sending fluid to the area to help sort things out. Same idea applies- your heart shuttles blood to that area to help it rebuild. This floods this already fatigued muscle or muscle group with blood carrying precious nutrients from your diet to rebuild and repair the muscle. Using 'finishers' , or hypertrophy training methods are proven especially effective when attempting to add size as well as strength to a muscle.

There's really no wrong or right way to add 'finishers' to your exercise routine, but I recommend beginning slowly. If you are new to fitness, pick 1 exercise that really strains that particular muscle, but that is done in a safe, stable environment. Yes, squatting a super heavy weight will encourage hypertrophy, but if you are already tired, you can seriously injure yourself. I stick to low weight, high repetition exercises like the routine above, or just grabbing some 10 lb dumbbells at the end of my bicep workout and curl away until I cant feel my arms anymore, usually around 100 reps.

Adding a simple finisher to the end of any workout will push that muscle "over the edge" so-to-speak and encourage more growth... but remember, that means more soreness, too. Make sure you spend EXTRA time foam rolling and stretching that muscle both immediately after your workout, then a few hours later or before bed. Make sure to drink plenty of water and go to bed drinking a tasty *Hibernate protein shake to give your body the fuel to build and repair your muscles while you sleep! *You can get Hibernate, as well as other quality sports nutrition products from, and enter discount code LYNDSIE20 at check-out to receive 20% off your entire order!

If you have any questions about 'finishers', hypertrophy training or proper supplementation for growing those muscles, please feel free to contact me!